Envelope Printing Help?

I write a fair number of (non-form) letters, each of which requires an envelope. I’m looking for an easy to way to print an envelope each time I print a letter.

Here’s my current practice using Microsoft Word and a three-tray printer (trays for plain paper, stationary paper, and envelopes). When I’m done with a letter, I do the following:
(1) Hit Ctrl-P, then select Tray 1 (where I keep my stationary paper).
(2) Highlight the recipient’s address from the letter and hit Ctrl-C
(3) Open a Word file I call “Envelope - Blank,” which has an envelope with my return address on it.
(4) Select the middle of the envelope (where the recipient’s address in it) and hit Ctrl-V.
(5) Hit Ctrl-P, then select the Envelope Tray.

It seems like there must be an easier way. I have Keyboard Maestro and Hazel if they will help.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a copy and paste solution but with multi tray printers you can usually save printer settings which also define the tray to use.
If not, you might consider creating a second instance of your printer with different default settings.
I remember from way past that you could save a Word template with all kinds of settings, like the printer settings. Not sure if you still can.
Your envelope document sounds like the perfect candidate for such a template.
This doesn’t automates the entire workflow but reduces some of the steps.
With Keyboard Maestro and AppleScript you can create a script that can press some buttons for you to do more magic.
Hope this helps.