ENV Variables | Proposal

I have a proposal, and I think it will be very usefull. Proposal is ENV variables or something like that. It is similar to “Import Questions” in Shortcuts but the value will be available for example in args.env. It will be useful for storing API keys or something like that not in the script code.

For example: I create a widget that shows todos from Todoist and I want to share the script with people, I need to change token variable in my script code and then share it. It will be a lot better if there will be ability to store some sensitive data separately and with UI.

May be a good solution will be not the ENV variables but UI for Keychain, that will be accessible from Scriptable settings and users can view/add/edit their key:value pairs, it will be very cool!)

You could use the existing keychain functionality and prompt to set if not available.


Q) Could you just manage and maintain them via keychain at the OS level?

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Nope, Scriptable’s keychane can’t be mainained by OS keychain

As I know, every app has it own keychane that isolated from another apps.

Additionally it looks like Scriptable’s keychain are not syncing over iCloud, because I tried to enter my access token on iphone and the on ipad and it require me to enter it on iPad too.