Entirely lost setting up an iBeacon bought on ebay to trigger automations with Pushcut


so I bought this iBeacon via ebay and I have no clue how to find it or how to get UUID to copy into Pushcut.

The Pushcut support/help documents don’t explain that step and I find the entire process unintuitive.

There is an app called “BLE Scanner”, which scans for devices around, but I have no idea how to identify the beacon in it. I have a guess based on watching the scanner screen with and without the battery in the device, but I can’t “connect” to it via BLE Scanner.

If I copy the UUID of another Bluetooth enabled device that is stationary in my office to—as I thought, use it as a beacon—and add its UUID to Pushcut the automations/notifications won’t be triggered.

I feel that I have a general misunderstanding of how to use iBeacons and can’t find any end user tutorial.
Any guidance or hints are highly appreciated! :raised_hands:

Thanks a lot in advance for the help :ok_hand:

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