Enterprise User Best Practices

I’m curious to know how everyone who uses Windows PC’s in a corporate environment (i.e. External Downloads Admin Blocked) works with corporate-imposed limitations.

This is a pretty broad topic, and of course every company is different in what they will allow, but I’m open to any and all suggestions on best practices to Automating / Project Managing when working with Access limitations.

The two programs I use the most are OneNote and Excel which would both be so much more useful if I was only able to use extensions :frowning:

I was for a long time under the MS umbrella of restrictions. However, they didn’t have to deal with medical records. When I was working as a proxy for a medical company, that was a completely different story and there was a lot I couldn’t do.

You could try to make your own Macros directly in Excel. The best way of doing this I found is to record a macro in your workbook of what you want to do, then edit it as necessary when you’re done. This way, you don’t have to know everything about VBScript and just get what you want out of it. You’d be surprised what you do learn from doing it this way.

You could also use AutoHotkey to automate some things. With the COM library that comes in AHK you can automate almost anything in the Office Suite. Or, you can go the macro route here too which is easier to write, but is sometimes less reliable. You don’t need to install AHK on the host machine either. You have two options:

  • Build the script on a different machine and compile it to an exe and run it that way
  • Download and run the portable version of AHK
  • If you are able to install and run outside software, then you’re golden.

More than happy to help you if you get moving on some of this. Let me know.