Ending a Shortcut at the home screen

I need to end this shortcut by coming back to the home screen automatically: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/371e865a80234be696f08309b079868c

I was able to set it up once with Launcher thanks to Rose on here, but the shortcut stopped worked and now I have to add that step again with Launcher crashing or another way.

What is the way to link to Launcher and make it crash and by that end up on the home screen? It is there another and better way now?

I will using Pushcut to launch this shortcut 6 times a day.

Use this with a Run Shortcut action at the end or if you have the paid version of Toolbox Pro you can use its Return to Home action.

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I figured out how to do it with Launcher as I had another shortcut that ended with it.

But maybe you can help me with figuring out how to automate that compiled note in Drafts at the end of the day to a new entry in Day One with least friction and interaction? I use PushCut for activating notifications