Enable bluetooth when arriving on a specific wifi network

This is a strange request, but I often turn off bluetooth when I’m at work and forget to turn it on when I get home. I put my MacBook Pro into a stand and plug it into the TV to stream hockey games. My mouse and keyboard are bluetooth. If I forget to toggle bluetooth back on, then I get up and try to balance the computer in my hand, put my password in on the login screen, then click on bluetooth in the menu bar. I’ve made shortcuts for my phone to change things like disabling Do Not Disturb when I leave the home wifi network, but I’m not sure how to make my computer toggle Bluetooth on when I arrive at home.

I figured it’d be fun to learn it instead of just balancing the computer and doing those couple steps each time I forget.

Thank you!

Both Keyboard Maestro and Shortery (Pro) are capable of triggering on specific WiFi network connections and can set Bluetooth on via the running of a Shortcuts shortcut with a Turn Bluetooth On step.