Emoji rendering issue

Hi, I’m having an issue with a specific user where they can’t see an emoji. Instead they see odd characters

Image attached below

It should render the meat on bone emoji. :meat_on_bone:

On my own device it works as expected

What app widget are you using, how is the text being specified, and is there any difference in softwar/OS versions?

I’m using Scriptable with JS.

The text is shown like this:

w.addText("Text 🍖")

I can check what iOS version this person is using. On my end it works perfectly.

Try explicitly setting the font for the widget text. You want to enforce something for UTF8 (or higher) support so it gets read as one encoded character, not two unencoded ones.

I checked back and that emoji came in about 10 years ago, so actually they can’t be on a version that old as it wouldn’t support widgets.

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Thank you, adding the font explicitly solved the issue