Email text not formated correctly

Hi i have a shortcut that sends a email to predefined recipients with the text from the clipboard.
The text from the clipboard is also stored in a note.
I have included screen shots of the email as it appears in Apple Mail and in Airmail as well as how it appears in Notes.

The language the text is in is Norwegian.

I dont know why the mail apps put everything on one line instead of the how it is supposed took, like in Notes?

Any idee or tip is very welcome.



Can you provide a version of your shortcut without the recipients, or any other personally identifiable information in it, along with some sample text - please place such text between two sets of triple back ticks so that we can get the raw content you are putting onto the clipboard.

This is an example.
It is 13 December 2019.
Only 19 days left until 2020.

Would then show in a preformatted code box something like this:

This is an example.
It is 13 December 2019.
Only 19 days left until 2020.

It may be there is something unusual in the shortcut, the text line endings, or it may be something everyone can reproduce. But the most reliable way to check and validate all of this is to use as close to what you are using as possible. Anything else and there’s a notable margin of guesswork involved.

This is the link to a copy of my shortcut.

I removed the sender and receipient and added the steps above the Get clipboard action.
I run this as a sub-shortcut from multiple shortcuts.
Starting with the Get clipboard action is in my sub-shortcut.

Hope this helps

When I change the final action to remove the sender account variable and set it to show the compose sheet, the mail is showing the clipboard text laid out like this.

If I then fill in the full details and send it, it arrives in Apple Mail like this.

If I set the option to show the compose sheet to be disabled and fill in the details to send it, then the result in Apple Mail looks like this.

To me it looks like the behaviour varies simply on whether the compose sheet is shown or not. I’d say that was a bug, but the workaround for now would be to show the compose sheet.

Hope that helps.

Thx, now i know the problem is not between the chair and the keyboard :grinning:

I will see if i can live with the preview route.

Thx for your help

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