Email Template - Regular appointments

Hi Guys!

Its my first time posting here,

I am trying to do up a Shortcut for my family, We have regular GP visits for my wife and two kids and we have to email the GP everytime we need an appoinment request.

I want to create a shortcut that will speed up the process,

The GP requires the name of the person attending, Phone Number, Home address and Date of birth and a small note of symptoms.

Sometimes there is 2 of the family needing to attend at the same time so i would ideally like to know how i can select multiple people to put into the body of the email.

I would love help creating this template as i am trying myself on the app but i am hopeless at this stuff,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you look at selection actions in Shortcuts such as Choose From List, you will see there is an option to “Select Multiple”. Or you could a repeat loops and enter how many people are sick.

There are many ways to store the data. This could be as contacts, in a Shortcuts dictionary, as separate text blocks to just drop into an e-mail, in Data Jar (third party app for persistent data storage), etc.

For entering symptoms, Ask for Input actions are probably best. I assume they could be different symptoms for different people. But there is a question there as to if that is two e-mails, or one combined e-mail; presumably determined by the constraints of your GP’s process - though e-mail rather than phones seems quite an unusual approach based in UK GP practises at least.

We can help with examples and how to info on specific things, but the more specific you can be with what you wan, and how you want it to work, the better.

Best of all is when you can share what you have along with what you are stuck making it do.

Might this be easier with an expansion app such as TextExpander than with Shortcuts?

Potentially, that might be easier in some circumstances. It depends on things such as if the OP has TextExpander to begin with, and if they want to send the mail automatically.

Overall, applying for multiple people in one entry is possible using TextExpander, but depending upon wording it might be viable to use optional sections in place of multi select rather than multiple snippet triggers.

It need not be complicated to do in Shortcuts if you have some Shortcuts experience - but the OP has obviously had some trouble getting started. Even using one tool there are multiple ways to solve this problem with notably different end results based on what has been shared so far.