Email Formatting Lost when Running Shortcut with Pushcut

Hi. I have a shortcut which generates a daily digest email which collates various details in a text field with html formatting, converts to rich text before sending as an email.

Triggering the shortcut from shortcuts produces the correctly formatted output in my email inbox however if I run this as a scheduled job on my Pushcut server it loses all formatting and embedded images.

Any suggestions?

Desired result…

Pushcut result…

It is very hard to debug a shortcut and an integration process without having the details and being able to examine it. Like mechanic trying to figure out why a car makes isn’t running smoothly from a verbal description of the car and the symptoms.

From the description it sound like you are capturing content manually, but it is not at all clear how the content is captured when run on the device running Pushcut Automation server.

Can you share the full details of what you have; sanitised to remove any real and personal details such as e-mail addresses?

Is the Pushcut Automation Server running a different iOS / iPad OS level from when you do it manually?

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Hi @Martin_Packer. Seems to have done the trick. I’m only just starting out with Pushcut and my OS was out of date as per your hunch. Updated and the emails present as expected now.

Thanks for your help. :+1:t3:

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Hi @sylumer.

I understand. I was in two minds about how to share more detail. Is there a recommended method for sharing? Screenshots of the shortcut or actually share the shortcut itself ?

Appreciate it.

Glad it worked for you - but it was a lucky guess. And it begs the question “what changed (between the 2 releases)?” That’s a serious question - but probably unanswerable. Serious because unheralded changes like this aren’t welcome.

Always share the shortcut (copy link from the Share Sheet). Sanitise it first if necessary (don’t share private information), but screenshots…

  1. Do not show exactly which variables are being used in all cases; making it impossible to reliably reproduce even when trying all combos, as the issue could be device specific and there’s no way to guarantee an equivalent check.
  2. Force someone to manually reproduce the shortcut to test it, if they are inclined to help, and so raises the barrier on those who might be motivated to help.

You can’t share Pushcut set-ups, so that is best delivered as a series of screenshots … but that means screenshots of everything, and Pushcut has a lot of sub-configurations on notifications; fortunately triggers are quite straightforward.