Editing and deploying a website with Shortcuts, Netlify, and Working Copy

Hey all! Here’s a quick demo of a Shortcut that I created to open a specific page of a website for editing in Working Copy.

After committing and pushing the change to GitHub, Netlify then pulls the latest changes, builds, and redeploys the site.

Here’s the Shortcut used in the video:


It’s very specific to my set-up, but hopefully others can find some utility in it!


Nice! Can’t wait to dig into this one. And, I like your device setup. Very CGP Grey of you :wink:

Thanks! Yea the Grey influence is pretty strong here; I draw the line at a homescreen full of Shortcuts though!

Hahaha! yeah. Not for me either. I really don’t like his 1 app in the top folders either. That looks weird. And the bullet as the folder name. I use underscores (I think 10 of them) for folder names at the top.

Cheers, Tim.

Three days and one episode of Cortex later and I might end up eating my words. :no_mouth:

How can i make something like that?