Edit Reminder with "Repeat" Field in Shortcuts App

Hi all,

using ios 17.0.3

I am trying to use shortcuts to create a new reminder and also update the ‘repeat’ field to set something like daily or weekly etc.

I do not see that ‘repeat’ field anywhere in the list available for editing.

Q: is there someway to access and edit the repeat field in shortcuts?

Natively, no.

You can use Scriptable though to setup recurrence rules for calendar events or reminders

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ok thanks for the good news!

If you have trouble figuring it out, let me know

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Hi - well it looks like I could use some help with this.

I added scriptable app

  • in shortcuts I created a new basic reminder
  • then scriptable (run with new reminder) I am not sure of the script syntax…

I found these…
addRecurrenceRule(recurrenceRule: RecurrenceRule)
static daily(interval: 1): RecurrenceRule

I am not sure of the syntax?
Can you help with this?


Of course!

Here is an example script I put together before.

let recur = RecurrenceRule.weekly(1)

let r = new Reminder()
r.dueDate= new Date(2021,02,31,08,30)
r.title='Godzilla vs. Kong'

This sets a weekly reminder starting 2021 on March 31 to happen weekly at 08:30

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Thanks so much for this great script - very helpful!

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