Easy Meal Reminder Shortcut

Hello Automators!

This is my first post! Looking forward to learning and conversing with such a great community. I’m on a new healthy habit journey and have started to develop a shortcut to help create reminders in the app “Due” - love the nagging reminders. I’m hoping to find an easy way to query for what each meal will entail and then setup reminders every three hours in the app.

Does anyone have experience creating a shortcut similar to this?

Where are the details of the meal sourced from. Presumably you want to link to rather than replicate that information. Correct?

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I want to manually type the meal data in. For each meal it could create a query to ask what I’m eating and I can type something simple like bar or Chicken Pesto.

Okay, Hopefully, this should be something you can tailor.


This is fantastic! Did you create that yourself? I’m impressed.

While I did create it myself, Shortcuts is such that with a little practice most people can put together a shortcut to do what they need.

If you don’t know much about creating Shortcuts, both @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard have things that you could purchase, that might help you.


Other resources, including free ones, are also available.