Easier mail to reminders?

I’m looking for a quicker way to get an email into a reminder, on iPhone specifically.

The mail app let’s me select some text and then share with reminders, but that is several steps (select text, scroll across on the menu that pops up, select reminders…)

I don’t want to use the remind feature built into mail, I want to “move” the task out of my mail and into my default reminders list.

My email is running on Gmail in the background. One thing I like in the gmail app is the star function, which is just one tap away. I’d love to have some kind of automation that triggers when I start a message. That would look like the message getting added to my apple reminders, and then archiving the message.

I’m also open to another one-tap type option in Apple’s mail app on iPhone, if there is one. I’m happy to use an always on Mac in my house, or, some sort of web-based thing.

Any ideas?

I do know that the Spark email client can do this with a selected email by tapping on the ellipsis and selecting Reminders. It creates a reminder with the email subject as the title and the email body as a note in the reminder.