Dropbox mess up my Finder Tags

Hi folks!

I’m using MacOS Big Sur and Dropbox. I organize my files with a combination of folders and ”finder tags”.

In Dropbox I’ve got shared folders with colleagues, and sometimes these folders are shared with around 30 users.

I’ve noticed that other users ”finder tags” are shared and mixed with my own, creating a mess with multiple tags that I’ve got no use of. Moreover, I guess that means that my tags are shared with other users as well.

That’s a problem for me because, I digress, I might a have a mild OCD and try not to have too many tags. Also, I’d like my tags to be just my tags.

Maybe this behavior exists with shared folders in iCloud Drive, Box and OneDrive as well?

Have anyone else experienced this? Does everybody regard this as a feature you want, or is there a fix or solution for this if you like me would like to have control over your tags? Kind of want me to stop using ”finder tags”.

Not really sure in which forum I should ask this question, so this is a hit or miss.


Tags are meta data of the file and so if more than one person is adding tags to those shared files, the meta data is shared as well and you get all the tags. That is expected and necessary behaviour for shared files.

Your only option would be to use something over the top that can tag the files but stores the tags in its own records and so that data status with you. Unfortunately I don’t know what software might support this in a way that you would be comfortable with.