Drafts Web Capture Beta

Now Drafts Web Capture is in early Beta…

  1. Has anyone done it from eg a Pi? (I’ve tested with Firefox Nightly on Mac - which is probably not a test others have done.)

  2. Has anyone tried it using eg curl to skip the web interface?

I’m actually more interested in the second one as that opens up automation possibilities.

And in any case getting to Drafts from more than just Apple kit is a plus, I think.

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Yes, it works fine on a vanilla deployment with Chromium.

That would need to authenticate the session against Apple’s iCloud services. I’ve not tried figuring that one out. If I have a need to push something to Drafts and it isn’t on an Apple device, I’d probably be looking to push it to something available on my always on Mac mini, and then have that push it to Drafts via the file inbox import, or a Drafts shell script; rather than trying to figure out how to manage the authentication and web interaction from the command line.

@agiletortoise doesn’t hang around, so for anyone interested in using this new capture option, it is now out of beta.

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