Drafts for Mac Dreams

While no official date has been given, the intention to release Drafts for Mac in 2018 has been announced. Obviously for many of us, there are huge advantages just to having access to your text on Mac, but let’s dream a bit about the cool automations that we (if not in the first version) hope to execute.

The two I’m looking ahead to would be best when I’m away from home and I’d hope to execute on the Mac from iOS somehow:

  • A Cardhop action that uses its URL scheme to dump in contact info much more efficiently when someone is giving me their info on the go
  • A way to use Alfred on the go with actual text input from Drafts, rather than relying on the actions available in Alfred Remote. Notably, I have an OmniFocus workflow in Alfred that supports more fields than anything I’ve been able to find for iOS with Drafts.

I just want a clean, hackable, cross-platform, not electron based place where I can place any and all text that needs a place to go and then decide where it should be later.

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I’d settle for Drafts for Mac this year being able to sync my text and do nothing more than edit it and input more text. I’m just dreaming about the automation down the road to dream!

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I hope Drafts for Mac will work within Spaces, or rather on top of spaces. For example, I use Safari in its own full screen space (left of 3 desktop spaces). I hope Drafts could open/hide a text window over Safari within that Space. That would be prefect to take notes or copy-n-paste a piece of text from a webpage.

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Also, I’d love, similar to Things and Omnifocus having a shortcut for a fresh note to pop up anywhere with a specific actions group for this context.

@dustinknopoff @Cowpi I currently use Alfred to achieve this with OmniFocus, Cardhop, Fantastical, and Bear in various capacities. I think with Drafts, I’d ideally want it as a menu bar icon that can be easily invoked with Alfred/Launchbar or a shortcut, with a way to just dump text in from an Alfred workflow directly without opening Drafts itself (and the URL schemes that currently exist on iOS would allow that with Alfred pretty easily)

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@ehler That sounds good too.