Drafts Document to MindNode

I saw this new Drafts Action recently posted by @RosemaryOrchard. Sharing here… for Drafts and MindNode users this is incredibly useful.

If you aren’t familiar with the markdown import to MindNode, here is a simple text file you can use with the Drafts action to demonstrate the markdown conversion to mind map.

Thanks @RosemaryOrchard

Markdown to Mindnode
# Parent Node
## Child 1 - Fruit
### Apple
1. Golden Delicious
2. Red
	1. Gala
	2. Bruised
3. Granny Smith
### Orange
1. Tangerine
2. Navel
### Lemon
- Citron
- Eureka
## Child 2 - Cars
### VW
1. Alltrack
2. Atlas
	1. SE
	2. SEL
3. Jetta
### Toyota
1. Camry
2. Sequoia

For some reason the URL just takes me to MindNode and does nothing more.

Is this URL support a Premium feature?

I’m not sure. I just tested again on my iPad (yesterday’s test was on Mac). It works fine for me. I’m using the fully licensed version 7. I wish i could help you — jay

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OK. So maybe Version 7 is the prerequisite. Or at least 6. I think the copy it’s addressing on my iPad is 5.

Mystery solved: I had 2 versions of MindNode installed. 5 and 7. Deleting 5 meant 7 was invoked - and it worked.

It’s probably worth @RosemaryOrchard noting 7 is a prerequisite (or is it 6?)

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