Drafts and Ulysses iOS

Can Drafts create a new sheet in a specific Group in Ulysses. I currently use the create new sheet action, but it always goes to the Inbox in Ulysses. While this is awesome, I then have to move the sheet to the Group I need it to be in.

I looked on the support page for Ulysses and at the url schemes, but it is a little over my head at the moment. From looking at the url schemes it look like it can be done, I just don’t know if it can be done from Drafts.

I’m great for any help, and will use this as a learning experience.



Here is the action I use with Ulysses:


It differs from the built-in one in that it puts the link to the new sheet on the clipboard after creating it.

But that doesn’t address your question…you can update it to add to a particular group by adding


followed by the name, path, or group ID of your group, to the end of the callbackURL step. See details on the options here


Perfect. That was the little bit of info I needed. I was missing the fact that you need to use %20 to fill the black space.

Thanks for the help.

Glad it’s working. The %20 is for URL encoding - you can actually just surround the text with double curly brackets {{}} and Drafts will encode spaces and any other necessary characters for you.