Drafts action to move file to folder in Obsidian?

Not sure if this is a question for this forum or the Drafts or Obsidian fora, but I’ll start here with all you clever automators! I am writing a Drafts action to send a draft to a specific folder in my Obsidian vault. I’m basing my action on this one from the Drafts forum. I cannot simply save a file directly to the folder that is in my Obsidian vault, because I keep the vault on iCloud Drive, and as far as I know, there is no easy way to save files from Drafts to iCloud Drive with an action. I have seen that @drdrang has a solution using shortcuts, but I would like avoid shortcuts and send the draft directly to Obsidian.

I have defined the name and content variables using the Define Template Tags steps in Drafts, which seems to work fine in the action I am copying from. For my callback URL I have:


The action successfully creates the file in the correct folder in Obsidian, but does not fill in the file name for the note. Any ideas about what I am missing? I’m pretty sure the answer is in the URL I wrote, but I can’t think what the problem might be.

That is a really really old thread. Check out Drafts’ bookmarks feature.

OMG, thank you! Works like a charm!