Draftist - a Drafts Action Group for Todoist

Yesterday I launched a project I wanted to do for quite a while. After a few months of work I was able to release Draftist - a Drafts Action Group for integrating with Todoist.

I thought I also share it in the Automaters Forums where some of you might find this useful.
Most of this post is also in the Drafts forum here - hope its fine to crosspost that here.

The Action Group contains a lot of Actions to let you…

  • … Create Tasks (from easy quickadd to complex tasks with settings; single or multiple)
  • … Import tasks (in various options)
  • … Modify tasks (labels, due dates, resolve/delete tasks)

Being inspired a lot by the TADpole / ThoughtAsylum Drafts Library I also implemented this using a Javascript file with all the underlying functions and then building the Actions from it.

You can download the Action Group from the Action directory here: Draftist Action Group

The code and also all Action Descriptions and Instructions are hosted in the GitHub repository here: Draftist GitHub repository

Make sure to run the Draftist Setup/Update Action after downloading the Action Group into your Drafts App.

Several of the Actions allow (and require) user configuration of e.g. Todoist filters - I tried to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

If you have problems during the setup, configuration or usage of the Actions please let me know.

Also if you have other usecases you want to automate with Draftist I would be interested to hear them and try to include them in future versions.

I hope that Draftist simplyfies and speeds up many of your workflows and helps to remove friction from your processes.

Let me know what you are thinking :rocket: