Dr. Drang’s Warhol Shortcut

Dr. Drang’s latest post is about a fun (not to mention annoying) Shortcut.
I read the first paragraph and got the gist of it and stopped reading. One way I find of getting better at making Shortcuts (or any kind of programming) is to steal an idea and then make my own Shortcut and then compare it to the originators version. There is always more than one way to achieve a goal in programming and you can have many “aha moments when you see how someone else solved a problem. When I finished mine and read how Dr. Drang did his I had a few “aha”s. His decision to use dictionaries was something I didn’t think about and a better way of dealing with the different image sizes. I reduced my imaged to have a height or width to be 500 max. The reason I reduced my photos this much is because I went about doing the tinting differently too. Dr. Drang has a png file of primary colours were as I used Tool Box Pro’s Create Matte action. But the draw back is your image can not be larger than 500 x 500 because of Tool Box’s memory limitations. So my way reduces resolution probable more than most would like. There were some good parts to mine though. By adding “Continue in Shortcuts App” at the start you can use the share sheet without having memory problems. If you run it without the share sheet there is an if statement to use the Photo picker. Also at the end you can have the option to retry the same photo with different grid sizes or choose a new photo or save or send message the Warhol image. Speaking of grids I didn’t realize there was a grid option in The Combined Images action. So I used a loop within a loop to make the grid. Probably will edit it to take advantage of the grid option.

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