Door open alert

Automation newbie here. We’re an Apple house so going all in with HomeKit. Recently purchased 2 Eve door and window sensors for what I thought would be a simple use case:

  • if both my wife and I leave home (ie when last one leaves) send notification if either front or back door sensor shows as open.

This is after a couple of incidents of us leaving a door open when we have gone out. Thankfully no incidents yet!

I assumed the Eve sensor could do this but apparently will only notify if opened whilst away, which I’d good but I need the other notification.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this?


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First: welcome to the forum :beers:

Now, while I don’t have Eve sensors, I think you could solve this in the following way:

  • Create a new Shortcut.
  • Add a “Get state for …” action from the “Home” category.
  • Add some logic to interpret the state.
  • Send some kind of notification if needed.
  • Save the Shortcut.
  • Add an HomeKit automation in the Home app for when “The last person leaves home”.
  • Have the automation trigger the shortcut you created.
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Up until this point, I think you’re on the right path! Sadly, you can’t run a Shortcut through the Home automation.

I would create a home automation for “last person leaves”, check if the front door is open, and then send a notification (you’ll need to use something like Pushcut to do this through “get contents of URL”), then check if the back door is open and send a notification.

Thanks both, got me thinking on the right path, ended up having to do this …

Create rule in Eve app - trigger last person leave home, condition door open, scene turn on hall lamp (need a scene, so just turn on the lamp near the door)

In home app edit the automation to exclude my son’s iPad from the leave home group and then use Pushcut to send the notification

Back door working fine, front door not, but that seems to be the Eve sensor being too far away to pick up the bluetooth sensor - doh!

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