Doing Something Useful With Arbitrary Inbound Notifiactions

Is it feasible - on any platform - to kick off automation when a notification appears? Mac or iOS/iPad OS (or I suppose Pi though that is less useful to me.)

Example of one would be when my Miele washing machine says “your wash is done”.

(I actually need to talk to Miele about automation as I want, for example, a notification 5 minutes before done.)

I’m not sure about standard notifications, but pushcut should be able to trigger shortcuts when a notification arrives.

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You could utilise this approach on the Mac by the looks of it.


That’s awesome! Thanks!

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I don’t think ARBITRARY notifications can trigger anything in PushCut. (Else I’d’ve done that first.)

that’s true I guess.
TheApplescript @sylumer contributed would be the only option then?