Does anyone know to get the dimension of a video

Tried to covert gif to video, but got no Width an Height option from video type variable.

Seems to work okay for me.

Video dimensions are not available unless they are from the Photos app; the type should be Photo media.

This means that you can get the dimensions after saving to Photos. Or you can use a third-party tool.

in theory i think it could be done with some hacky javascript using the dataURL method, but i havent tried it. it would require pinging an API (via sync XHR) that gets the video dimensions via an embed, perhaps some api like httpbin or an irc webhook. i’ve used this trick elsewhere via a discord webhook, it entails sending a POST request and getting the video dimensions from the response, and immediately sending a DELETE request to delete the message used to get the video dimensions. you can also get the thumbnail image for youtube videos this way too, provided you request the proxied one to circumvent CORB