Documentation for TextExpander Javascript

Good afternoon all,

I have been trying to find a way to call email addresses from an AirTable to create highly customizable lists.

I’m currently using Scriptable, and intend to put the addresses on the clipboard, then just paste it into the message.

Is there a way to use the JavaScript capabilities of TextExpander to do this?

The biggest question: Is there a good reference for the Javascript for Automation flavor used in TextExpander? I’ve found this a tricky thing to find.

All of the iOS apps with JavaScript automation I’ve come across seem to utilise the built-in JavaScript engine.

I’ve never tried working with directly with APIs with TextExpander on iOS. Scriptable is definitely my app of choice for that day to day. But maybe this post’s details would give you a starting point?

Obviously you want to work with TextExpander output rather than a web page. Should be worth a scan through at least.

Thank you. Good read. I took a few online classes and am just trying to develop some working knowledge. (Not trying to become a developer, I already have a day job :grinning: )

Trial and error can be frustrating when there’s more error than trial. I’m so early in my journey that I struggle with the basics. I appreciate the resources.

Just wanted to follow up. I found a set of tools that easily accomplished what I wanted to do in Shortcuts. I can continue my journey learning Javascript, and some of the knowledge does translate (with a little work) into Shortcuts.

The Airtable Suite of Tools found here was very useful.

The major problem solved by those tools is the 100 record limit. They simply call the additional pages of results. My database is at 200+ and growing, so I was hitting that cap pretty firmly.

A “Thank You!” shout out to grantisanintrovert for the work in putting these together.