Documentation For Pushcut In A Wiki?

I hope @sliemeobn won’t mind me posting this here…

… I discussed with Simon yesterday the idea of moving the Pushcut documentation to a wiki. I think this would enable us to expand the documentation. In particular it would make it easier for us to furnish examples at two levels:

  1. Low-level e.g. how to format a notification.
  2. Higher level e.g. practical examples.

In my view more examples is key - at both levels.

I, for one, am prepared to put my shoulder to the wheel. I already started with pointing out a couple of typos. (Sorry Simon.) :slight_smile:

What do y’all think? Would anybody else be willing to help out?

Note: @sliemeobn hasn’t agreed to do this, and I’m not trying to bounce him into it. It’s just an idea we kicked around.