Do Overcast's share menus mostly not work for you as well as me?

I love Overcast and use it every day. I’ve taken the “Podcast Track” Shortcut idea shared here and developed it further to save some details of a podcast I’ve listened to to Dropbox for onward processing. I kick it off manually through one of several different share extension points in Overcast. For several months now the share menu comes up OK, but whether I try selecting my “Podcast Track” shortcut, or even the very simplest “Copy” action, nothing happens. It happens on both iPad and iPhone, running latest non-beta release of iOS 14.

Is it just me? Is even the “Copy” action broken?
If you’d be kind enough to try it, this is my version of the “Podcast Track” shortcut.

(PS I have reached out to Marco, but had no reply after some months.)