Do not Disturb settings

It looks like I can set DND to either turn on/off or to turn on until I leave a location. I can’t see that I can set it to “2 hours”.

Am I (hopefully) missing something? :question:

Have a read of this:

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Shortcuts will be able to do this. You can pick a length and it will be on that long.

I have shortcuts and do not see an option for setting the length. I can set it to a specific time, until I leave, or until and event ends, or I can be prompted for which option I want on run.

I thought it was assumed we were talking about automation here. I know how to use DND, I need to automate it.

@MacSparky gave the example of setting it to 2 and a half hours, but I don’t see how to do that.

The article talks about some ‘automatic’ options and specifically one in regards to time. To me they are each reducing the actions to just enable and an automated disabling will occur. For that I would consider them as maybe a bare minimum if automation and one of them appeared directly relevant to your time specific query.

In regards to the specific period I believe that relates to a calendar event. If you set the DND for the calendar event via the control centre and the calendar event is two and a half hours long I believe that matches to the requirement.

As you note. The Shortcuts app only enables or disables the mode, but you could presumably use it to set a calendar event to DND against.

I don’t have the iOS12 beta on my phone (only my iPad), but it may be that Siri Shortcuts might prompt you (eventually) to DND for the current calendar event… at which point you could potentially automate the triggering further.

Hope that helps.

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Can’t share shortcuts with a link yet but copy this.

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That moment where that you realise you only looked at Do Not Disturb in Shortcuts running on your iPhone that’s still on iOS 11, where the only option is on or off; and then realise that iOS 12 has new Do Not Disturb options that Shortcuts picks up.


Expand to see the difference...


(Public Beta on iPad)


(Non-Beta on iPhone)

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Yeah, that works. It’s a bit more than I wanted, but it will work.

I drive a limo I made different shortcuts getting me directions to the NYC Airports. It’s great, I just push one button on the home screen and it takes me right to the airport I need to go to. Now I would like to add Do Not Disturb while driving to the airport. I know how to get it to turn on in the shortcuts but is there a way to get it to turn off when I get to the airports?

You would not be able to have DND turn off automativally when you arrive at the destination airport. The nearest that you could get would be to use Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro by Contrast

with a location specific alert. When you hit the geofence you create around the airport, LCP creates an alert that, when tapped, runs a Shortcut to turn off DND; it’s a manual action, but you get the reminder and need only a single tap.

Thanks. I wish it did it automatically. Maybe down the road it will

EYes, you can do this, mostly. When you get your directions, calculate your time in transit and set DND for that amount of time.


Thanks. But will that adjust the time automatically? For example if the ride takes an hour but now with traffic it’s an hour and a half, will that adjust?

No. It is specifically a time based calculation, not a location trigger or a polling update.

But will Launch Center Pro work if Do not Disturb is on?