Do I need a separate domain for Python

I have a VPS on Dreamhost, and I have been reading up about how to run Python scripts from Dreamhost. I’m confused because most of the tutorials I have seen, (e.g. Installing Python 3 and Django on Dreamhost | Matt Woodward) talk about setting up a domain for Python scripts.

I really don’t want to have to get a new separate domain. Can I create, say, and use that instead?


I don’t know Dreamhost, but unless they make a custom domain a requirement to allow running Python scripts, you shouldn’t be have to. There’s nothing about running Python on a server that would require it.

do you need to run Python for learning, or for something else? if for learning, there are some websites that offer a free account so you can run your scrips there.

I have shared hosting with Dreamhost (not a VPS) but they allow python even on those domains, but you have to enable it from the web panel.

I don’t know why you would have to setup a separate domain for python stuff.

This really sounds like a question for Dreamhost support, though…

Where exactly in that post does it talk about setting up a domain for Python? I think I must be missing something, or interpreting something differently, but I had a couple of scans through and I could not spot what it was that is indicating that you need to set up a domain for Python use. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ooops. You’re right. I copied the wrong one from a lot of tabs I had open. It was definitely in one of the others though. But it seems like it is not the obstacle I thought it would be.


For learning and doing. I’d rather do it on my server.

Maybe if you can find the other reference, we can review what it is saying and how it fits into what you are ultimately wanting to do, if at all?

It was this one but from what everybody has already said, it is not worth pursuing.

That reads as a general point on setting one up for the hosting instance rather than specifically to allow you to utilise Python in an instance.

I checked with Dreamhost support and if you enable Passenger it effectively deletes everything at that domain. So they said best to use a subdomain.


You need it more because of Dreamhost than python.

And that’s not just a domain for python but a domain for some kind of larger program based on python.

Sort of like saying you should not install WordPress over an existing folder of files is different than saying you need a separate subdomain for PHP.

That makes more sense.

That makes sense, and it might be good to have a sub-domain for a variety of different things, PHP as well as Python.

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