Displaying a “busy” screen on my phone screen

I am very much a novice at this automation thing… but it seems like what I need should be super simple. I talk on the phone (my cell) through a headset off and in all day long. People come up behind me and start talking to me not realizing I am on the phone. I want to make a shortcut/automation that will automatically display a specific photo when I am on a call. I got as far as when I open the phone app it lets me pick a picture… yeah… not far! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Not sure how you want to trigger it, but you can show a image through the Show Result/Preview actions. Probably easiest way to pass in the image is using File actions (save your image first into the Files app).

On the assumption people are going to check your phone screen when they walk up to you from behind, which seems a little unlikely to me, does the existing phone call app screen not already convey this?

For what it’s worth, I’ve worked in an office in the past where a ‘do not disturb’ flag systems was used. It was an open plan office, but you affixed a flag to your desks computer monitor when you were occupied and did not want to be disturbed. Not automated in any way, but it was effective as people then glanced over and did not even get up to approach you if your flag was up.

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I think it’s more for him to “show his iPhone screen” to someone trying to talk it him. In which the screen (as long as he’s on a call) will relay the message he’s busy.

Assuming the phone isn’t to their ear, lifting the phone to show the screen could be replaced by the quicker universal phone call hand gesture couldn’t it?