Display a shortcuts folder on a device without action button

Display a shortcuts folder on devices without action button.
Read about it on the blog.

I quite like the simple shortcuts folder menu this method displays. A pity that Apple, as usual with Shortcuts, has left it half baked.
When you automate it with Open App the assigned app opens briefly so I tried to find an app that would just show as a blank screen. (You can open a blank photo in the Photos app but to trigger the menu it really needs to be a dummy app that you don’t use). I did find a peculiar app ‎Relax - chill, meditate, enjoy on the App Store that does nothing but display a blank screen.
On the whole though it doesn’t seem worthwhile. It’s easier to set up a menu shortcut for running other shortcuts and add it to the Home Screen. You just can’t get the big folder icons layout.

I would create a shortcut with list. In the list I should put all McGyver Actions😉. Add that shortcut to the Lockscreen or Homescreen.