Difference between Better Touch Tool vs Keyboard Maestro?

Is there a need to purchase Keyboard Maestro if you are already using Better Touch tool?

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Need, no. Huge benefit for the sorts of automation you can do, oh my word, yes.


I second that! The KM/BTT combo is awesome!

Yes, but aren’t the two products similar in what they are used for? I.E. Coke and Pepsi. You can create keyboard/any other peripheral shortcuts using KM or BTT, right? They accomplish the same thing. That what I want info on.

There may be some overlap, but they have different focuses and are more different than they are the same.

BTT focuses on enabling and customizing your input devices to activate more things.

KM also has some functionality in the area of input devices, but not as much as BTT. KM excels in the types of action based workflows it can produce, and these are well beyond the options available in BTT alone.

Together they are also greater than the sum of their parts. :wink:

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Hi everyone! I use both but since I am faster using keyboard, I think KM is more useful to me than BTT. With BTT, I need to consciously remember the various gestures so my usage is limited. BTT is useful when you are lazing and surfing and just want to use a few finger tap to reload a webpage or move among safari tabs. Other than this, KM is definitely infinitely more useful to me.

BTT is great, until you run into something it can’t do. At that point KM, becomes a fantastic choice. There are areas where BTT is clearly better (touch bar modifications / complete UI’s, gestures, having a nice iOS app you can control your mac with). KM has a ton of functionality that BTT does not as well. Reacting on Filesystem events (poor person’s hazel), reacting on network events (connect to specific wifi, etc). KM allows for more complex workflows as well, like:

  1. tag file with “project name”
  2. Rename file
  3. Run a command on the file
  4. If it succeeds then tag file with green color.

BTT is a bit easier to configure, but KM has a deeper set of capabilities.