Did not manage to show a picture in a widget being not blurred

I built a widget to show a picture loaded from a file in a shared file folder (foto app widget does not support shared foto folders :person_facepalming:t2:).
Doesn‘t matter what I try - the shown image always is a little blurry.
What I did:

  • crop the picture to final size
  • use loadImage in Stack
  • use background image
  • use DrawCanvas (including respectScreenScale)
  • any combination thereof.

Any suggestion? Seems like I can’t see the wood due to all the trees…

Have you tried not cropping? It should work with a WidgetImage and applyFillingContentMode().

I actually crop it „outside“ - with a shortcut and save it to file. The cropped pictures is quite sharp when opened directly…
And I did try the way you proposed.

But nevertheless thanks for your thoughts!

now it seems to work - simply using backgroundimage.

Sorry for the fuzz…