Dictated Text Stops Prematurely

Hello all

I created a Shortcut to dictate Reminders.

I set it to stop listening “On Tap” - but instead it stops soon after there is a pause in talking.


Dictation working okay for me with tap vs pause. I dictate with pauses, it keeps listening until I tap into o stop.

  1. Can you reproduce it in a new action with just the dictation step?
  2. Can you reproduce it on another device?
  3. Does the issue persist after a reboot?


1 - Yes, I can reproduce it with just the dictation step

2 - Yes, it happens on another iPhone

3 - Yes, it persists after reboot

While exploring the above, I think I found the key clue. It actually works fine if I run the shortcut from within the Shortcuts app. The problem happens if I ask Siri to run the shortcut; then the interface is different and there is no button to tap.

The point of this was to be able to dictate while driving so if I need to load Shortcuts and select the Shortcut manually then it does not solve the problem (or at least not safely).

As an alternative, I was able to connect Alexa to Zapier and get automated dictated reminders that way (which would also work in my car) - but Alexa stops even sooner than Siri does.

Can anyone suggest a purely voice-activated way to dictate long pieces of text while driving?

Maybe a Drafts action?

Maybe some other voice app which has Shortcuts integration?