DEVONthink X-Callback

So I am looking for some information and/or assistance with a Siri Shortcuts automation and DEVONthink ToGo.

I want to get an itemlink from a successful x-callback run, but can’t seem to get the returned JSON/Dictionary from the x-callback success.

Here is a test I am running:

I know this works with shortcuts others have built, but I can’t seem to get a return value.

Is there something basic I am missing to get the itemlink back as a success value? I know I can Get value from Dictionary but at this point I am just trying to see what is returned at all - that is why I am just trying to get the content graph (or show result).

Basically I am just looking to capture something into Devonthink and get an itemlink in return (to clipboard or some other destination).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The “PDF to DT” Shortcut I use (from @ryanjamurphy, IIRC) uses a scripting step in place of your second-to-last step: Get VALUE for ITEM LINK in X-CALLBACK RESULT.

From there that shortcut uses the output of the Get VALUE step as the URL.

Hope that helps.

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