DevonThink URL-call back help

I have done a lot of searching and have not found a single place for this kind of script. I searched MPU and Automators without help and have been wasted a good 90 minutes getting nowhere.

I would like to be able to access a Siri Shortcut from a share sheet that will

  1. Take any file ( or a wide set of PDF, DOCS, images, web pages etc)
  2. Will copy it to the Devon Think 2 Go Global inbox
  3. Return the item link

from here I can do the siri shortcut magic and paste the link into a new mail, text, or make an Omnifocus action with the link as a note.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Isaac,
The script fileslinger does this and even more.

Best regards

I had just this problem. I followed Ticci’s example at Mac Stories:

Like most of his articles, it’s a long one. But scroll down to the “Create Document” section, he even has a Shortcut you can use if you don’t want to make one.

I use the Shortcut I made for this ALL the time.

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Klaus, do you happen to have the File Slinger shortcut shareable via iCloud so it can be imported into Shortcuts? Right now it’s hosted on Dropbox and so can’t be imported into Shortcuts.

Alternatively, could you screenshot the steps in the shortcut so that I can re-create it myself?

Many thanks!

Hi Nicholas,

you are welcome:

Best regards

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