Devonthink 3 is an automators dream!

Devonthink 3 is out and deserves an episode I think.

Devonthink 3 is sooo good it is unbelievable. I am discovering all the goodies inside. It has a new feature called Smart Rules in which you can perform actions on Smart Groups (or folders), rather like Hazel.


Just to clarify, it is the public beta that is out, not the final release.

I am not sure about that now. Look at the website. Devonthink 2 has been removed and it is the only product you can download now. I note it still has a Beta label though.

I have been using it and it is rock solid.

According to their last post, see the final bit, they are selling new licences at this point, but running a beta. Hence why they have public beta referenced everywhere on the site, and apparently why v2 licensing is no longer available.

Are there also new iOS clients or does version 3 work together with the existing iOS clients?

DEVONthink is one of my key apps, we’ll have to look at doing an episode on it!


DEVONthink is separate from DEVONthink To Go, the iOS version. I suspect that a new edition of the latter is coming.

It looks great! Especially Smart Rules. The one thing I can’t figure out is if Smart Rules support tokens like Hazel. I’ve been using David Sparks’ old Hazel rule for sorting documents in the finder by filename for years. It would be great if Smart Rules could do the same thing for DT by sorting new files in the global inbox into specific databases and groups by file name, but it would need to pull tokens from the filename to know what group to file the document into.

Still, it does look like it can file into databases/groups based on the contents of the name. It just can’t auto-generate groups and/or tags the way David’s Hazel rule auto-generates nested finder folders. Maybe I need to play with it more…