Developer mode activation in ios

I am unable to activate developer mode on my phone

I have a new phone with the latest software and my mac is also up to date

I downloaded Xcode

My phone is linked to my google account ( the gsuite) account.

Would that be a reason why developer mode is not showing up.

Please help

Have you applied the prerequisite? You don’t mention it above.

No I didn’t
I’m not developing any app but in developer mode like in android I can toggle a few more settings is what I learnt and that is why I want to enable it

So what to do now ?

Any settings will relate to app development I believe. Your path forward for the prerequisite seems pretty clear - you need to create an app.

Typically a developer mode is only meant to be used by those who are developing something, so maybe you could also share why exactly you are looking to enable the mode. Maybe more insight on all sides can be gained through this.

Yeah, Developer Mode basically just gives you the ability to “Build and Run” an app in Xcode onto your device. If you don’t need to do that, you probably don’t need Developer Mode.

I’m not developing any app just now so I guess I should not need it