Detecting when my camera goes offline


I have a Circle View camera that occasionally goes offline. In Home one of the notifications available is when the camera goes offline, but I can’t see a way to capture when that happens and do something about it.

The camera is powered through a Kasa switch which is available in Home via Homebridge, so when it goes offline and I see the notification I simply power the camera off and on again and it reappears.

I realise that one way around this is to set up a schedule in the Kasa switch to power the camera off and on regularly but this happens so infrequently that I was hoping for a way to use the notification as a trigger to power cycle the camera.

Another option would be to check that the camera is available every hour or so, but I haven’t worked out a way to perform the test in a way that makes the result available. If I can work that out then I could power the switch off and then check for that event and power it back on.

Any ideas?

This is all just ideas at the moment, I don’t have anything to share as detecting the notification is the first stumbling block. I have access to an IFTTT Pro account if that’s any help?

Thanks, Alan

Why does it go offline? Presumably the most efficient resolution would be in figuring out the cause, and addressing it to stop the camera going offline in the first place.

I have spent many hours trying to work that out, I have two wifi-6 mesh routers that it can see and I thought that it may be roaming between the two so I locked it to the one that it appeared on mostly but that didn’t help. Then I discovered that the 2.4 GHz wireless network was broadcasting at 20 and 40 MHz, so I set that to 20 MHz which has reduced the drop-off significantly.

I have three Home Hubs set up, two AppleTV 4th Generation and a HomePod mini, two are on standby and one connected, but they change around occasionally as one device is restarted or powered off etc, or just randomly. When the camera goes offline I can still see it on the network as a device but the Home Hubs can’t see it and only restarting it solves the problem.

So is it the routers, the home hubs or the camera that’s at fault, or is it a combination of all three? Too many variables for me, and besides the camera settings in the Home hub offer a notification when the camera goes offline, so I’m assuming that this is expected?