Delete iPhone alarms with Scriptable?

Is there a way to delete alarms on iPhone with Scriptable? I’ve searched but haven’t found anything. I’ve created several Shortcuts that create alarms and toggle them on and off, but there isn’t a way in Shortcuts to delete alarms, so I was hoping Scriptable provided a way.

No, Scriptable can’t do that. As far as I know, Shortcuts is the only app that can access the alarms from the native iOS app.

A workaround until Shortcuts can delete them would be to ask Siri to delete them. I’ve read somewhere that Siri can do that.

A little late to the party, but I can confirm that @schl3ck is correct that a “Hey Siri, delete all alarms” will do the trick.

I wanted to do the same–I didn’t try Scriptable but definitely not possible with Shortcuts at the moment. Although I haven’t been able to, I did create a shortcut to toggle all alarms off, which has kind of the same effect (since most of my other alarms are created by Shortcuts anyway, so having them in there doesn’t bother me). As it happens, I did actually write that one up here, in case it is useful to anyone. :slight_smile: