Delay sending links by Messages using Data Jar

I’m a bit of night owl and have a tendency to send links to news and article items out to my friends in the wee hours. I have received a few complaints about being woken from sleep by my messages. :grimacing:. So made a couple of Shortcuts to delay the messages being sent till the next morning. I use a list of my most messaged contacts that is iterated over so each contact gets the message separately. I save to Data Jar the contact names I’ve chosen for that particular link, the link, and any comment I’ve added. Then there is another Shortcut that sends all the links which Pushcut triggers every day at 9 am. After the links are sent Data Jar deletes all the values to start clean the next night. I have a Shortcut called Message Merge that I use regularly when I send out links but now added an if statement that will run my Delay Messages if it is after 11pm just in case I forget how late it is. :yawning_face:


That’s a smart system! I particularly like the idea of automatically delaying it after a certain time.

Have you tried to educate your friends about the awesome feature that is Do Not Disturb though? :wink:

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Ha! Yes. Right after they finish yelling at me. But they always say it sounds too complicated. Sigh.

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Darn users! This is an excellent system though that I could see myself reusing for when I’m on a plane and other scenarios where I want to save things until later!

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Thanks Rosemary. I really find Data Jar has added a whole new dimension to Shortcuts.

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Do not Disturb and “mute thread”. Everyone I know has figured these out by now :smiley:

I know this because I’ve not yet been murderd in my sleep.