Decimal digit of a number

Hi Guys. I noticed that action „count value” (not sure if its proper translation from polish but you can recognize it by icon) doesnt count if the number is in decimal digit of a number. Do you have any idea how to easily workaround that?

Calculate Expression only accepts Western Arabic numerals and decimal point, just like most programming languages (and calculators?). The correct way to change any number (Eastern Arabic, Persian, decimal comma, etc) to a Western Arabic numeral would be using a dictionary and extracting the value part:

But in your case, you can simply replace decimal comma with decimal point:


Thank you :pray: I will try

My device is normally in Spanish, so I run into this all the time. I’ve gotten used to adding a “Replace , with .” In front of all my Calculate expression actions :sweat:

I submitted feedback about it to Apple, but it’s still there, open, more than two years later :sob:

Anyway, it only affects 1/4 of the world :roll_eyes: