Dealing with zip files on iOS

Hi folks.

Do you have a solution for unpacking zip files when using iOS (iPhone or iPad)?

Part of my workflow includes having documents that have been turned into a zip files or compacted as a result of saving them via ‘Notability’ for example. Before saving the note in Evernote I would like to be able to unpack the file.

I’m struggling to be able to do this. I did see a ‘Workflow’ rule that somebody had created, but it kept giving me an error and wouldn’t work for me.

Do you have any advice?

You could use Documents, by Readdle. It is free and works well.


I don’t use it much anymore, but Goodreader handles zip files (and a million of things) well.

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Workflow or Shortcuts can do this. You can even share these things directly to Evernote in it!


Thank you! I tried to modify this for Dropbox, but it won’t accept a zip folder. So far, tried “Open in Dropbox” and “Save File”. Also tried Federico’s solution found here and experienced the problem with the folder.

Genius - Why didn’t I already know this - having been a long time user of Readdle products DOCUMENTS was super useful, thanks.

Ultimately a lot less complicated than other solutions I think. Thanks, everyone for your input none-the-less. Great to be a part of such a supportive community.

ALTHOUGH… I would ask you @RosemaryOrchard why this recent workflow that I found would not work

It just returns a message saying "Unrecognized Archive Format"

I was trying to export from Dropbox using that Workflow.

Now that I have ‘Documents’ from Readdle, problem solved but I would likely find it useful to just use this workflow directly from the export option in Dropbox on occasion if I could get it to work. I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

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This isn’t one of mine and quite frankly I would not approach it like that at all. The problem is the workflow is trying to check if the file contains .zip - perhaps it’s quite old and from a time where the file name would have been evaluated instead of the file, but that’s likely the problem.

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