Dealing with a folder full of files in iOS shortcuts

Hello everyone. I’m looking for some assistance in creating a shortcut. I’ll briefly describe what I want it to do, and then describe what I think I need to do to build it.
Every week I receive an email with multiple Word documents attached. I want to be able to import all of them into a single GoodNotes 5 file.

I’m thinking I need to do the following:

  1. Put all those Word docs in a folder.
  2. Convert the docs into pdfs.
  3. Combine the pdfs into a single pdf.
  4. Open the pdf in GoodNotes.

I’d love to be able to automate everything, but I’m fairly sure I’ll need to save the email attachments to a folder manually, and that’s no big deal. It seems that Shortcuts can do more with iCloud drive than OneDrive which is what I use at work. Again no biggie.

What I’m having trouble with is being able to select a folder and then process the files in that folder individually. Is there a way to do that in Shortcuts?

Any assistance would be most appreciated.



When you specify a path to a folder in the Get File action, it returns all the files within it.

Thanks for that! That helps a lot. This doesn’t seem to work using the document picker (you can’t select a folder and selecting multiple files doesn’t work either), but that’s got me moving forward!

And it all kinda fell into place after that! I wrote the pdfs out to a dated folder and then used Make PDF again using the Repeated Results to combine the pdfs, and then mailed it to GoodNotes.

Woo hoo!

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I added a couple of bells and whistles to the shortcut.
Here’s roughly how it looks now:
Date - Get next Tuesday’s date (the review meeting for the documents is every Tuesday)
Create a folder with next Tuesday’s date in the folder the docs are copied to.
For each file in the folder, convert it as a pdf and save it to the dated folder.
Delete the original Word docs.
Combine all the pdfs into a single document and name it with the meeting title and date.
Email it to GoodNotes.

Pretty basic stuff for the automation ninjas, but I’m feeling quite proud of myself. :smiley:

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