DayOne movie review entry

I This is a DayOne movie review Shortcut. Call from on the movie page you wish to review. The shortcut does require an API key from

The shortcut uses API calls to gather basic movie and cast info and gathers a little information from the user. Then grabs a copy of the movie poster and puts it all together for a formatted journal entry.

Special thanks to David Sparks for his TextExpander moviereview snippet that I based this on.

Sample output

Edit: updated link to shortcut. I made a rather embarrassing error with the api key entry.

Edit: updated link, after another error on my part

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This doesn’t work for me. I get an invalid url alert after entering my thoughts.

Yeah, try this one:

I dun goofed on 2 in a row. :open_mouth:

This is great. I’ve been working to add ways to increase my logging into Day One and this is a great way for me. Thank you!

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