Day One from Markdown?

Has anyone had any luck with creating a Day One entry from a markdown file?

Here’s where I am -

I’ve been using Obsidian’s Daily Note feature for about a year to keep a journal/log of my days. It’s been fine, but I miss the polish and features of Day One (like geo-tagging, pulling in weather and appointments, “On This Day” reminders, etc…)

So, I’m moving journaling back to Day One (keeping PKM in Obsidian, because it rocks!). I’d like to batch import all my daily markdown notes into Day One as journal entries, but Day One’s shortcuts integration doesn’t let me set a date (which would be super simple, because the title of each markdown file is the date (ex. “2021-09-26”)), and the text import feature requires a specific string to set the date (“Date: September 26, 2021”).

Current plan is to loop through all my Markdown files and prepend the Day One-friendly date string to the file, then covert them to .txt but wondering if there’s a better way. (Shortcuts on iOS and macOS, AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro, etc…)

Ideally, I could just import the files to Day One and the app would consider the filename as the date and the first line as the title.

Haven’t done this myself but interested if you implemented a solution as it’s an interesting idea?


I gave up. Not moving back to Day One. I have so many cool things I do with Obsidian and the plugins, that I just can’t do in Day One.

Being able to make a table of my workout stats is just one example. Day One doesn’t support simple tables unless you put it in a Markdown block, and then the render of the table is in a scrolling pane. I also use the Dataview plugin to aggregate data into dashboards (health trends, habit tracking) that Day One can’t handle. And being a text file, I can manipulate a Daily Note in Obsidian from anywhere without opening the app.

So my next steps are to make a couple simple Shortcuts that replicate Day One features:

  • put the weather forecast into my daily note
  • add my calendar events to my daily note
  • tag my daily note with month-day nested tags (i.e. Feb/23). This will allow me to easily replicate Day One’s “On This Day” feature by adding a Dataview block to each Daily Page to pull in that day’s entries from previous years.
  • Make a Shortcut that will show me pictures from the day of the daily note I’m on, and run that from Frederico Viticci’s fantastic Shortcuts plugin for Obsidian.
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Sounds great. Look forward to hearing your solutions.