Day One automatic location overview

I have a shortcut set up that is triggered from an omnifocus task each day
The shortcut basically asks me a few questions about my day and puts the answers in my Day One journal.

So far so good…

What I would like to be able to do is have the shortcuts app automatically put the locations from my activity feed in the entry as well.
For now it just opens the Day One app, and I do that manually, but would really like it to be done for me :slight_smile:

Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?

Is “activity feed” something in Omnifocus or something else? Your current location, the location of all of your calendar events,…?

it’s in Day One (long press the plus)

I don’t use Day One, but that sounds like you want Shortcuts to get the locations from the activity feed in Day One and then put them back into Day One into a single entry. Is that right?

If so, the Day One URL scheme looks like it only has an option to open the activity feed.

Maybe something in one of the web automation services might be able to query it and Shortcuts grab the data? Even the Mac CLI app looks a bit lightweight for what you are asking for.

Yes it is. I have it send me back and forth to Day One now, and would like to automate that.

I’ll look at the url scheme tomorrow! Good tip!