David’s Shoes Holding the Mic, While Rose Is Being Banned From

What a tag line! I should be a Hollywood writer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:.

I couldn’t resist. The latest show was great! Thanks David and Rose for the updates. Rose, please, no more leaves in your life! The Group is banning you from hanging out with leaves. We NEED you! :flushed::see_no_evil::innocent::sunglasses:

Anyway, question to everyone here. David and Rose mentioned some of the new perks coming with Shortcuts. One that really got me perked up, was the ability to set triggers to happen upon arrival. Anyone heard if this can be done on Departure too? Other than the simple ‘i’m On my way home’. Example: camera sees no inside motion, locks the door, sets the alarm, maybe even turns on a light inside.

Second, where, (in addition to here), could a person start learning more in depth of the upcoming IOS 13, and IPad OS? Thanks

I have not heard that specifically, but the Home app has already supported that sort of thing, so I’d be surprised if Shortcuts did not.

If not, perhaps that would be a good use of an NFC tag in your car :wink:

I suspect that MacStories will probably continue to be one of the best places to learn about all things iOS and iPad OS, since Federico Viticci makes it his main computer, and also doesn’t shovel-blog, which means that his posts, though fewer in number, tend to be higher in quality, IMO.


Departure is also possible! And I agree with @Tjluoma, MacStories is a great place to learn about it :slight_smile:

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Thanks y’all for the info! :sunglasses:

Is there a way to ping the iPhone when leaving a vicinity?

I’d like to make sure I have my iPhone when leaving the house.