Data Jar vs. Toolbox Pro for variables?

Hi all. Data Jar and Toolbox Pro can both store variables, including fairly complex dictionaries / JSON constructs.

I have both apps. Does anyone have strong feelings about using one or the other?

(Aside: Choosing between two powerful tools — what a nice problem to have!)

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Both are awesome tools, but for variables, I always Data Jar. Unfortunately, at the moment, Data Jar is broken in i*OS 14 (public beta). @simonbs has created a workaround in a TestFlight beta, but that is also having issues. Here is a Tweet from datajarapp a couple of days ago.

I really hope it gets fixed by Apple as it is such a useful app and I have a lot of Shortcuts that use it.

I say Data Jar. You can store stuff that’s not just text.

Ugh. I was trying it and attempted to write to variables keep timing out (but the writing happens anyway). I’m using the TestFlight version, but on iOS 13

Seems like iOS Dev beta 3 hasn’t fixed it either:

@tf2 A new beta for Data Jar has just been released and it seems to be back up and running now. Thanks @simonbs :+1:. Awesome app and great customer support.


Works great for me! Thanks, @simonbs!

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